Twinity is dead, so I was looking for something similar. I tested lot of open world with the same features Twinity offered and found OpenSim.
I created an account on Osgrid because its where there is most of the people, but feel free to chose any. You Still will be able to meet each other.
You can create an account here: http://www.osgrid.org
OpenSim is like Twinity but with more options. (OpenSim is not Second Life)

After few weeks on OpenSim I found it way better than Twinity.
Here is some differences if I compare OpenSim with Twinity.

  Twinity OpenSim
Edit avatar ✔️ ✔️
Avatar look good ✔️ ✔️ Better anatomy and physics.
Voice chat ✔️
Change your Gender anytime ✔️
Vehicle ✔️ Limited ✔️ Passengers work
Couple animations ✔️ ✔️ Support more than 2 people
Need money to buy Land ✔️ No (Can be hosted at home)
Ban people from your land ✔️
Kick people from your land ✔️ ✔️
Is there lot of Drama? ✔️ ❌ Drama people get banned.
See where people look (Perv) ✔️
Can you mute someone ✔️ ✔️
Can you have an official partner ✔️
Need money to buy Objects ✔️ ❌ (Everything is 100% Free)
Need money to upload objects ✔️
Move Object on X Y Z ✔️ ✔️
Rotate Object On any axis ❌ (Only Y Axis) ✔️
Rescale Objects ✔️
Copy Objects ✔️
Can it be shutdown and disappear ✔️
Triangles Upload Limit ✔️
Can you upload objects ✔️ ✔️ (With more options)

To play OpenSim you will need to download Firestorm to play.

I will update this page when I learn more stuff.

- How to teleport in a region (A1
- How to save a visited region to you Favorites (A6
- How to get a nice avatar (A2
- How to get new objects (A3
- How to place objects in your Region (A4
- Keyboard Shortcut to know (A5

How to teleport in a region: (A1

You can find popular Regions on opensimworld.com
For Exemple I want to visit Lbsa Plaza
Just clic on the URL to copy it

On Firestorm open your map (Ctrl+M)
Paste the URL in the search box and press Find
Double Click
on the result

How to save a visited region to you Favorites (A6

If you found a new place, to revisit or want to save your favorite Shopping Mall you Need to Landmark it
Click on World and Landmark this place. In Landmark location don't forget to chose Favorites

You can revisite by opening World > Places

How to get a nice looking avatar: (A2

You can find nice avatar in Agora for exemple. To teleport to Agora please see How to teleport in a region
Agora URL is: hop://login.osgrid.org/Agora/10/146/23

When you are in Agora click on COMPLETE AVATARS to be teleported at the correct location

Buy the avatar of your choise and open your inventory (Ctrl+I)
Right click on the folder and chose Wear Items

You may have some new windows showing up, you can close them from now by right click on them and select Detach

You can save your look by opening the Appearance Menu

How to get new objects: (A3

You can find new object by visiting other Regions
Some people allow the copy or sell objects for 0 OS$
When you have found what you are looking at right click on the Object and select More >

Now Click on Take Copy or Buy (It depend what option is available)

You can verify if the item is in your Inventory with Ctrl+I

How to place objects in your Region: (A4

To place an object, open your Inventory with Crtl+I and drag and drop the object where you want it

When its on the ground you can right click on it and select Edit

You can use the tool to move the object around or use the Move tool.
Hold Ctrl to rotate.

Keyboard Shortcut to know: (A5

There is so much options in the menu I prefer to use Keyboard shortcut, here is the list of the one I use.
You don't have to remember them. But it will make your live easy if you do.

World Map - Crtl+M
Mini Map - Ctrl+Shift+M
Inventory - Ctrl+I
Chat - Ctrl+T
Teleport History - Alt+H
Build - Ctrl+B


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